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AIoT-Artificial Intelligence & the Internet of Things

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AIoT-Artificial Intelligence & the Internet of Things

The Trillion Dollar Opportunity

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the fastest growing technology among all the new-age disruptive technologies. The estimates from leading consulting & research firms indicate multi-trilliondollar economic impact in the next few years. Already thousands of companies are using AI across the globe but, it’s impact in the next few years will be enormous as AI takes the centerstage from customer acquisition to service delivery in almost all industries including manufacturing, finance, education, entertainment, logistics, legal, insurance, healthcare and retail. AI could double the annual economic growth rates by 2035 and increase labor productivity by up to 40%. $5.7-6.5 trillion is the potential estimated economic impact by AI until 2025 by McKinsey. The tech-tectonic shift has already started, and this is opening new business opportunities. The OmniScience strategy gives exposure to the core AI platforms and ancillaries which put together are the enablers of the whole AI ecosystem. The strategy takes exposure to the listed firms from the global developed equity markets.

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