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Science of Alpha from Safety

Reports Of Gap’s Demise Are Highly Exaggerated, And Mr. Market’s Fears Have Mispriced The Stock

GPS management has shown clarity to survive through various possible scenarios of COVID-19 crisis. GPS management has the levers on cash expense management to navigate various scenarios. GPS likely will continue having significant cash flows from online sales, including BOPIS using curbside delivery. GPS is available at significant discounts to its intrinsic value under certain…
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SIPs in stocks: Only for seasoned and savvy investors

(Published in MoneyControl) If you are a first-time investor, stick to mutual fund SIPs We’ve known and have read plenty on mutual fund systematic investment plans (SIPs). Now, you can also start SIPs by directly buying equity shares. The present market volatility is an opportunity for savvy investors to make some long-term gains. Some brokerages…
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Should you buy disruptive tech focused global equity mutual funds?

(Published in Economic Times) A tech-led disruption refers to a seismic shift which upturns established industries and overthrows existing market leaders. It is the outcome of an innovation that transforms a product, service or biz model, often creating an entirely new market. A new crop of global funds are being launched latching on to the…
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Should you invest in the luxury brands that you use?

(Published in Moneycontrol) This will broaden your investment horizon beyond the few India-based companies and allow you to be more selective with your investments A typical high-income or high-net worth household in India spends upwards of 40 per cent of its total annual expenditure on products and services that are priced on a dollar basis.…
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