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Is the Economy on a Great Rebound?

Is the Economy on a Great Rebound? The ‘Great Rebound’ of the Economy offers a Great Investment Opportunity Economic data points indicate that economic activity has already rebounded and reached levels seen pre-Covid-19 This ‘Great Rebound’ is supported by the fact that the outlook for the next several quarters and for the next 2 years…
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From the Mythical Bubble into a Vacuum

From the Mythical Bubble into a Vacuum Bu(r)sting the myth of the current stock market bubble Claiming that the equity market is in a bubble sounds sophisticated and conservative. However, is there any truth to it? And, if true, is it an actionable statement? There are more than 10 important questions that a Scientific Investor…
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Entering the Matrix-Understanding the Intelligent Digital Universe of the Omni AIoT US Portfolio

Entering the Matrix-Understanding the Intelligent Digital Universe of the Omni AIoT US Portfolio As of 2020, there are more bytes in the Digital Universe than stars in the real Universe! Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a multi-trillion-dollar opportunity and the Omni AIoT US portfolio is one of its kind investment opportunity that provides exposure to this…
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AIoT-Artificial Intelligence & the Internet of Things

The Trillion Dollar Opportunity Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the fastest growing technology among all the new-age disruptive technologies. The estimates from leading consulting & research firms indicate multi-trilliondollar economic impact in the next few years. Already thousands of companies are using AI across the globe but, it’s impact in the next few years will be…
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SMART VALUE INVESTORS CAN CAPITALIZE ON A DX THEMATIC PORTFOLIO Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT), Blockchain, Cloud, Cyber Security, and Big Data & Analytics are some of the key technologies driving the Digital Transformation. A recent studyi says that Artificial Intelligence (AI)—a key technology in the Digital Transformation—itself could double the annual economic growth…
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INR Returns across US, EU, UK, JP since GFC The typical Indian Investor believes that the Indian markets deliverthe highest returns. The Scientific Investor understands that beliefsshould develop from facts. The facts show that the Global marketsdelivered higher returns as compared to the Indian markets overthe last 10 years. Indian investors should consider investing globally.…
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Indian Markets sliced using Occam’s Razor The belief currently in professional investment circles is that the Indian Stock Markets are highly overvalued and in a bubble. OmniScience Research takes a Scientific Investor’s approach and tries to dig deeper to understand if there is substance to this belief. Our analysis throws up large pockets of inefficiency…
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