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Science of Alpha from Safety

Nov 15

Portfolio design should be apt for the investment strategy

Most investors are aware that they need an investment strategy or at least a stock selection process. They spend a lot of time, effort and resources in understanding the intricacies of …

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Nov 14

How to get better risk adjusted returns from equity investments

Equity investment can fetch high return but can also be risk.Investors need to view equity from the risk returns perspective.Ambit capital recent came out with report – Sector equity  investing in india..

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Nov 13

Are Insurance and mutual fund stocks are worth buying?

Mutual funds and insurance products have long attracted household savings helping individuals create long term wealth and ensure financial covered for loved once.

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Nov 12

Market looks overvalued and it’s nearly May: Should we sell and go away?

Nifty 50 seems to be moving towards its peak PE ratio. But Nifty 500 PE ratio surely seems to be…

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Nov 11

Bull market flipside: Buyback sellers lose gains in every second offer this year

If you are amongest those who sold your shares in buyback tender offers that have been completed so far in…

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Nov 10

A global portfolio for global times

Estimates based on studies of Global Developer Market, the asset allocation of high networth individuals (HNIs) shows that India represents 1-3% of their total allocation.

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