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Entering the Matrix-Understanding the Intelligent Digital Universe of the Omni AIoT US Portfolio

Global OmniView August 2020 Entering the Matrix-Understanding the Intelligent Digital Universe of the Omni AIoT US Portfolio Download the full PDF report: Entering the Matrix – Understanding Omni AIoT US Segments   Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a multi-trillion-dollar opportunity and the Omni AIoT US portfolio is one of its kind investment opportunity that provides exposure…
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Should US equities be the core investment in an Indian portfolio?

(Published in Moneycontrol) US equity markets are the largest in the world, with a market cap of around $30 trillion, representing around 35 per cent of the global stock market capitalization. With a nominal GDP of around $21 trillion, the US economy represents around 25 per cent of the global pie.   Readon @Moneycontrol

How to reduce costs on your forex transfers from India

(Published in Mint)   Transferring money in and out of India is an expensive affair. Numerous transaction costs are involved, including the currency spread (the difference between a bank’s buying and selling rate), bank commission and GST (goods and service tax). In this piece, we will explore what these charges are and how you can…
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Despite years of lock-in, close-ended equity funds report losses

Published in Moneycontrol … With the fall in NAVs, investors in these close-ended schemes now face the prospect of making a loss at the time of exit. Even in schemes where NAVs are quoting above NFO prices, the gains are miniscule and investors would end up with returns that are much lower than fixed-income schemes.…
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Value traps or undervalued? 18 companies in BSE500 index trade at low price-to-book value

(Published in Moneycontrol) Clearly many companies look undervalued but the real question is should one consider investing in these companies or are they value traps? The Indian market has rallied about 50 percent from the lows recorded in March 2020. After a sharp rise, investors are now looking to add stocks that are trading at…
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DAILY VOICE: Based on AGM announcements, RIL is Indian FAANG, all rolled into one, says Vikas Gupta of OmniScience Capital

Published in Moneycontrol Q) What will be the biggest risk for investors in the second half of 2020? A) The COVID-19 situation is still like Schrodinger’s cat. Only when you open the box do you know whether the cat is dead or alive. Similarly, the resolution of the COVID-19 situation is still unknown. Only when…
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InterDigital: A Hidden Source Providing An Asymmetric Reward Potential In A 5G And Video Tech Company

Published in Seeking Alpha IDCC provides exposure to the fast growing 5G and large consumer video electronics markets. It is projected to double revenues from $340 million to $700 million over next five years while maintaining relatively stable costs. IDCC has Apple and Samsung as its licensing customers and has recently added Huawei. These 3…
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Why 2010-20 was a depressing decade for equity investments

Published in the Mint The decade gone by has been a cruel one for equity mutual fund investors. The 10-year returns on India’s Nifty 50 index are just 9%. An investor making a fixed deposit (FD) at the start of the decade would have got a similar pre-tax return. Read on

Mr. Market Plays Catch-up While Scientific Investing Generates Alpha

Global OmniView July 2020 Mr. Market plays catch-up while Scientific Investing generates alpha Scientific Investing portfolios exhibiting broad-based outperformance All segments of the Omni Supreme US Multicap strategy have outperformed benchmark. All segments continue to be fundamentally strong with attractive valuations Omni Supreme US Multicap and AIoT are inevitables that investors must consider adding to…
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Is Mr. Market chasing the SuperNormal Portfolio?

India OmniView July 2020 Market has just begun unlocking the value in the ‘Unique’ SuperNormal portfolio Recently, Scientific Investing strategies have had a high absolute performance and outperformance relative to the benchmarks, as well as to other PMS or mutual fund managers. The performance has been broad-based across market caps and countries (US and India).…
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