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A Study in Stocks: The Science of Investing

Science of Alpha from Safety

A Study in Stocks: The Science of Investing

Beating the markets or generating investment alpha requires an “edge” provided by unconventional analytical methods. E.g.-The Digital Transformation  (DX) theme benefiting the Indian  IT sector driven by US Technology investments in DX. Vikram and Whittle discuss methods used by Sherlock Holmes and C. Auguste Dupin in their art of detection applied to investing.

The next day at the dinner table, I wanted to ask Vikram about his stock and equity investing philosophy. I had been hearing about it and had several brief discussions with him for a long time but never got around to a detailed discussion about his investment philosophy and methods.

“Vikram, tell me this about stocks and equity investing. The academicians say that everything that is known about a stock is already priced in. There is no advantage to studying individual stocks and one is better-off investing in the whole market. Why do you waste time in, as you put it, bottom-up stock picking?”

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