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Fintech, Digital Payments & Banking-A Digital Revolution

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Fintech, Digital Payments & Banking-A Digital Revolution

FinTech Digital Payments Banking Digital Revolution

Omni Fintech, Digital Payments & Banking: A Digital Revolution

A Portfolio of Companies Revolutionizing Finance in India

“For a window on what this future looks like, we can look to India…”

--ACI Worldwide report on real-time payments

Digitization has led to a sweeping change in the Indian Financial sector, bringing in a new era of significantly better customer experience, ease of use and convenience for customers. India is now being hailed as a pioneer in digital payments, thanks to the resounding success of the United Payments Interface (UPI) platform, and we believe that the digital explosion in the Indian Financial services sector has just begun. With further market penetration in all facets of financial transactions and traditional banking, the investment opportunity in Fintech, Digital Payments & Digital Banking is one of the most important growth vectors in the Indian economy today.

This growth vector provides exposure to companies that provide and develop infrastructure critical to the digital transformation of the Indian Financial Services industry, including leading banks, tech companies, and companies which provide the necessary digital infrastructure to enable further technology-adoption.

“A portfolio of highly undervalued companies that are innovators and growth vector surfers, business performers, and market leaders in the digital transformation of the Indian Financial Services Sector”

Download the full report here Omni Fintech Digital Payments and Banking A Digital Revolution


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