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Omni Power: Electrifying India

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Omni Power: Electrifying India

Omni Power: Electrifying India

A Portfolio of Companies Empowering every Indian household

“A portfolio of highly undervalued companies that are consistent performers and market leaders across the Power value chain”

India is the 3rd largest power producer and 2nd largest power consumer in the world with an installed capacity of nearly 400 GW. The sector has witnessed a dramatic transformation in the past 2 decades, with almost every resident having access to grid electricity, power shortages dramatically diminished, and built renewable energy capacity share on a steady rise. After achieving universal access to electricity, streamlining the power distribution and generation are the government’s key focus areas. As per the NIP (National Infrastructure Pipeline), the target capital expenditure for the power sector is ₹14 lakh crore, which shall provide a significantly large Total Addressable Market (TAM) for the portfolio companies. The proliferation of Electric Vehicles (EV) in India also presents a huge opportunity in the power sector.

Renewable energy is one of the strongest growth vectors in this thematic investment opportunity, with India planning to grow its renewable energy capacity from the current nearly 150 GW to 450 GW by 2030.

This theme provides exposure to companies that produce capital goods and equipment for the power sector, power producers and utilities, capital providers for power projects, power transmission, power trading platforms and exchanges, among others.


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