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Omni Super Dividend – High Income Portfolio

Science of Alpha from Safety

Omni Super Dividend

Strategy Rationale

  • In today's ZIRP (Zero Interest Rate Policy) World the returns on fixed income instruments, such as bank fixed deposits and bonds are quite low.
    • Omni Super Dividend is a portfolio of stocks of companies whose bonds are, primarily, AAA-rated.
    • The dividend yields of these companies are, currently (at the time of launch), higher than the bond yields of these companies and also higher than bank fixed deposits.
    • This is a rare opportunity where Mr. Market is making a mistake and the situation is unlikely to remain like this for long.
    • Investors who can bear the equity volatility can enjoy the high income from the dividend yields with a strong possibility of gains from company growth as well as re-rating by Mr. Market.
    • Of course, neither the income nor the principal is guaranteed in such equity investments. But the DIPAM (Department of Investment and Public Asset Management) guidelines are designed to ensure that the dividends are stable, growing and periodically distributed.

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