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OmniScience Strategies India Annual Update for 2021

Science of Alpha from Safety

OmniScience Strategies India Annual Update for 2021

OmniScience Strategies India Annual Update for 2021

A Quiver full of Multi-Thematic Investment Opportunities

Enhance Safety, Enhance Growth, Enhance Returns

Mr. Market delivered fantastic returns, with Asian exception

2021 has been a fantastic year for equity investors across many markets across the World. Sensex has delivered 23.23%, Nifty 25.59%, S&P 500 28.71%, Nasdaq-100 27.51% and MSCI Europe 16.97% total returns, respectively. Meanwhile, other major Asian markets were flat to bear territory, for example, in USD, MSCI Japan (2%), MSCI Hong Kong (-4%), Korea (-8%) and China (-22%).

Scientific Investors with Originality, Character and Patience are rewarded by Mr. Market

As per Omni DX ranked #2 among all smallcases for the year 2021 (link) and Omni Capital Enablers ranked #3 for January 2021 - January 2022 period (link). Overall, OmniScience strategies delivered returns ranging from 20%+ to 100%+. What one will miss from the above performance is that equity markets do not deliver performance consistently but rather in bursts. There are years of negative performance too. For example, for Omni SuperStox, 2018 was a negative performance year followed by 2019 which was a nearly flat performance year. But those who had the patience—a majority of OmniScience’s Scientific Investors—were rewarded sufficiently in 2021 compensating for the earlier difficult years. The requirement that the Scientific Investor should have Originality, Character and Patience is again reinforced. The OmniScience investment managers must focus on the Originality aspect and the Character aspect, while the Client has to focus on the Character and Patience aspect. This partnership between the managers and the clients leads to the performance and alpha generation as a result of Scientific Investing.

Scientific Investing: Surviving and Thriving

Scientific Investing Philosophy is the Science of Alpha from Safety. What Scientific Investing Framework does is: Enhance Safety, Enhance Growth, Enhance Returns. Scientific Investing focuses on building a portfolio which can survive and thrive in the always uncertain future. For example, survive crises like Covid-19 lockdowns and thrive in ensuing economic booms. The focus on identifying below-the-radar growth vectors helps uncover extraordinary investment opportunities. You can learn more about this in the section on Scientific Investing.

How to invest in OmniScience Strategies?

OmniScience’s Indian strategies are available on the smallcase platform at

OmniScience’s US strategies are available on the Stockal platform at AND

OmniScience strategies are also available on Custodian platforms for both Indian and US strategies.

Read the full report and download it here:

OmniScience India Strategies Annual Update 2021


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