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OmniScience smallcase

Science of Alpha from Safety

Introducing a New Asset Class

OmniScience smallcase


OmniScience smallcase-a new asset class


OmniScience Capital smallcase

OmniScience smallcases are SuperNormal Portfolios of stocks in which you can invest with a single click

Advantages of OmniScience smallcases


Investment Philosophy-Scientific Investing

Science of Alpha from Safety

Scientific Investing Framework eliminates the Capital Destroyers, Capital Eroders & Capital Imploders leaving the Capital Multipliers. From this a SuperNormal Portfolio is curated to survive & thrive through uncertainties, delivering optimal “Return on Safety".


Scientific Investing Framework




Most market participants chase alpha but get risks, while one could chase safety and get alpha



Investment Options


Core Portfolio

OmniScience smallcase-Core Portfolio


SIP Portfolios

Omn Royals-SuperNormal LargeCap SIP

Omni Knights-SuperNormal MidCap SIP

Omni Supertrons - SuperNormal SmallCap SIP


Thematic Portfolios

How to Invest in OmniScience smallcases

How to invest in OmniScience smallcase

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Omniscience Investment Adviser

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Omniscience Capital Advisors Private Limited (Omniscience Investment Advisers) is a SEBI registered Investment Advisory firm with registration no. INA000007623.

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