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Science of Alpha from Safety

OmniScience Capital

OmniScience Capital is a Global Investment Management firm led by a top-ranked*, All-IITian team that has developed the proprietary, path-breaking investment engine—Scientific Alpha—that powers its investment strategies across listed equities in the developed (US, EU, UK, Japan) as well as emerging markets (India).

*This team’s investment strategy, while at ArthVeda Fund Management, was ranked #1 in long-bias equity strategy across the World among more than 11000 hedge funds. (Source: 2015 Preqin Global Hedge Fund Report-Top Performing Funds)


OmniScience Capital’s Vision:

To preserve and grow CAPITAL, the most important man-made resource in the universe

CAPITAL is the quantification of the value created in the world through human ingenuity and hard work combined with natural resources.

There is one thing that keeps equity investors awake at night and that is: RISK.*

(*What is RISK? RISK, to paraphrase Buffett, is the chance of losing capital.  At OmniScience Capital, we do not consider price fluctuations (i.e. volatility) as risk for the long-term investors; rather, it presents an opportunity for them.)

OmniScience Capital’s mission is: Kill Risk, Create Alpha

Of course, we don’t think we will ever be able to destroy risk totally.  But the idea is to keep striving towards that goal.  And, at OmniScience Capital, “Kill Risk” and “Create Alpha” aren’t two different activities.  But rather a focus on “Kill Risk” automatically leads to “Create Alpha”; they are two sides of the same coin.  As we Kill Risk, i.e. eliminate, reduce or control risks, those same actions are resulting in conditions to Create Alpha.  The Alpha might manifest later, but it has already been created at the same time risk has been reduced.

 The Scientific Alpha  Investment Engine is designed to do just that:

Kill Risk, Create Alpha.  Scientific Alpha cleans up the investment universe by targeting and eliminating stocks which are risky by our definition, i.e. likely to lose investor’s capital.

OmniScience Capital exists to bring the power of scientific thought to the investment world to succeed in its mission to Kill Risk and Create Alpha.



Investment Team

The OmniScience Investment team is created from some of the best sources of raw brain power on the planet—the Indian Institutes of Technology or IITs.  With all due respect to Warren Buffett’s opinion that an IQ above 125 is not required for investing, we think, that if the basic investment philosophy is robust and the temperament is right, a higher IQ is more likely to be an advantage than a handicap.  IITs are known for the best brain power selected for imaginative and original thinking and analytical prowess.  The team members have further training and advanced degrees from some of the best global universities, i.e. Ivy Leagues in the US or equivalent universities from France and the Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs).  This brain power combined with fundamental knowledge put through the rigors of experience at bulge bracket global banks, such as, Goldman Sachs, has created a team which while strong in fundamentals of investing has a natural tilt towards original thought.

Deep research and insights, based on an analysis of nearly 100 years of investment research and practice, into what has worked (and not worked) in investing and why, both, practitioner-driven as well as academic-driven, has led the team to develop the unique Scientific Alpha Investment Engine.

The team is led by Dr. Vikas V Gupta who provides the philosophical foundation for the Scientific Alpha approach.  He heads the invest strategy function and works with the portfolio management team to oversee the current portfolios.  He also supervises the research function and works with the research team to develop new investment strategies.

Ashwini Shami leads the portfolio management and manages the client portfolios.Varun Sood leads the research on developing and maintaining the Scientific Alpha research platform which generates the existing and new investment strategies.

Dr. Vikas V. Gupta: CEO & Chief Investment Strategist

Vikas is the inventor and architect of the Scientific Alpha concept. He espouses a value-oriented investment philosophy, in the mould of Graham-Buffett with a focus on alpha from safety.He has 25+ years of experience in research, strategy and operations in various Founder/Entrepreneur/CxO-level roles.A regular columnist at various publications including The Street (USA), Mint (India), and Moneycontrol (India), his opinions have been covered across numerous media, including ET Now, CNBC, Economic Times, Wall Street Journal, and Forbes, among others. He formerly served as Professor and

research faculty at IIT Kharagpur and University of California, Irvine. He has a B.Tech from IIT Bombay and earned his Masters and Doctorate from Columbia University, New York.

Ashwini Shami: Executive Vice President & Portfolio Manager

Ashwini leads advisory and investment management activities at Omniscience Capital. He manages client portfolios and advise clients on asset allocation and investment solutions.He also leads investment research and is instrumental in providing research inputs and investment insights.He brings in more than a decade of experience in the financial services industry. Earlier he was working with Goldman Sachs as equity research analyst. His expertise lies in developing investment strategies to harvest returns by focusing on intrinsic business value and identifying pockets of mispricing.He has a B.Tech and M.Tech from IIT Bombay and earned his MBA from IIM Lucknow and Toulouse Business School, France.


Varun Sood: Vice President – Quantitative Research

Varun leads the Investment research at Omniscience. He develops structured value-investing strategies and designs toolsfor rigorous risk-reward evaluation. Varun has also developed tools for portfolio diagnostics to help clients understand portfolio parameters to gauge risk-reward tradeoffs. He brings in nearly a decade of quantitative experience and a scientific approach to the value-chain of investment strategy design, development and management. He has a B.Tech from IIT Roorkee and earned his MBA from IIM Bangalore and EDHEC School of Business, France.

Investment Solutions Team

The Investment solutions team comes with an excellent background in finance and strategy and comes with a pedigree from some of the best universities in the world.  They oversee the development of investment solutions in conjunction with the research team based on the requirements of different client segments.  They interact closely with the investor and advisor communities and primarily with the sales and product functions at several wealth managers or asset management firms to understand evolving client needs.

Hakim Taj: VP Investment Solutions

Hakim brings in more than a decade of experience of the global financial industry. Previously, he has worked with Citigroup in Mumbai, Valartis Group in Vienna and Progress Partners in Boston in investment banking.He has also assumed different roles of corporate strategy and business development in various organizations, and advises early stage ventures as well in his individual capacity.He holds a business degree from Thunderbird School of Global Management, Arizona.

Satyajit Jog

Satyajit has been a private banker for more than a decade with Citi Bank and Axis Bank. In his current role at Omniscience Capital he manages relationships with our private banking partners and direct clients. Satya brings wide expericence of dealing with financial products from multiple asset classes.


Business Advisory Council

The Business Advisory Council serves to guide the business direction of the firm.  These eminent personalities from the Asian capital market ecosystem have decades of experience in the capital markets and understand the intricacies and evolution of the capital markets.  They bring this experience to providing guidance to accomplishing the mission of OmniScience Capital.

Asit C Mehta

Mr. Asit C. Mehta, the Group Chairman of Asit C Mehta Group, is a Chartered Accountant and a Seasoned Capital Market Professional. He also has several shot-term / diploma courses in management, securities laws & investment management. He started his career in the corporate finance markets in the year 1983 by associating with leading Government Security brokers of those times. He concentrated on Corporate Debt comprising of ICDs, Bill Discounting, Syndication of Loans, Issue of commercial papers, Short-term debentures, etc. Within the group he focused on debt business comprising of Government Securities and Corporate Paper. He expanded the product portfolio by adding both the inter bank, forex broking and retail money changing and later on money transfer services. Besides, his passion for technology led him to the technology sector way back in 1996 with certain assignments in business process, GIS and data management solutions. As the group Chairman, he provides the guidance and direction to the group.

Deena Mehta

Smt. Deena Mehta is Chartered Accountant, Masters in Management Studies (Finance) and Fellow Member of Securities and Investment Institute London. She is the promoter of Asit C Mehta group of companies. She is on the Board of National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI), Reliance Asset Reconstruction Company Ltd., Reliance Home Finance Limited, Reliance Commercial Finance Limited and Gandhar Oil Refinery (India) Limited as Independent Director. She has been former President of Bombay Stock Exchangeand has the honour of being the first woman Director on Board of BSE as well as first woman President. She is the promoter director of Central Depository Services Ltd as well as South Asian Federation of exchanges, the association of stock exchanges of SAARC countries.

She has been an Invitee to International Securities Regulators Organization, and member of Index Committee and Advisory Committee on Mutual Funds of Bombay Stock Exchange. Member of SEBI Committees such as Review of Eligibility (CORE) norms of SEBI, Derivative Committee, Delisting Committee, Ethics Committee and Investor Education.

Suresh Arya

Suresh advises OmniScience Capital on its Global NRI strategy. His extensive experience working with NRIs helps in understanding the needs of the NRIs and translating them into products, services and solutions designed specifically for solving these under-catered NRI needs. More



OmniScience Capital works with several other industry participants, including global and Indian to provide a full solution to its clients.  In this regard, it is bringing the concept of an investment platform to India.  It has created an investment platform for the clients for holding their direct equity portfolio in a professional, world-class manner.

Indian Investment Platform

The investment platform allows one to store their cash, debt, and equity securities in one place.  The OmniScience investment platform currently has the following partners providing various services in a seamless manner:

Custodial services:Orbis Financial Services (A SEBI registered custodian. There are only 19 SEBI registered custodians whose only purpose is to hold safe custody of client assets, provide the account statements and provide settlement services to clients or on their behalf.)

Demat: The Demat account is held by the custodian who holds a power of attorney over it

Bank account: Custodian has PoA and Bank is IndusInd Bank

Broking account: The broker executes the trades on behalf of the client.

Advisory services are provided by OmniScience Capital’s investment advisory division – OmniScience Investment Advisers

Global Investment Platform

The global investment platform is on similar lines.  OmniScience has partnered with several global entities to provide different investment platforms:

The ARIA Platform:  ARIA is a FCA, UK & DIFC, Dubai registeredentity

The ARIA Platform: ARIA is a FCA, UK & DIFC, Dubai registered  ARIA provides an investment platform which utilizes the custodian services of SEI. 

The LCF Platform:LCF is a FSC, Mauritius registered LCF provides an investment platform which utilizes the custodian services of BNY Mellon (Bank of New York Mellon).

The Interactive Broker Platform:IB is an SEC, US registered  (See Disclosure Below)

Disclosure pertaining to Interactive Broker:

“Interactive Brokers LLC is a registered Broker-Dealer, Futures Commission Merchant and Forex Dealer Member, regulated by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) and the National Futures Association (NFA), and is a member of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) and several other self-regulatory organizations. Interactive Brokers does not endorse or recommend any introducing brokers, third-party financial advisors or hedge funds, including OmniScience Capital Advisors Pvt. Ltd. or OmniScience Investment Advisers. Interactive Brokers provides execution and clearing services to customers. None of the information contained herein constitutes a recommendation, offer, or solicitation of an offer by Interactive Brokers to buy, sell or hold any security, financial product or instrument or to engage in any specific investment strategy. Interactive Brokers makes no representation, and assumes no liability to the accuracy or completeness of the information provided on this website. For more information regarding Interactive Brokers, please visit“.


G-Sec and T-Bills platform from NSE

NSE (National Stock Exchange)



NCB Flyer