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Science of Alpha from Safety

OmniScience Capital

OmniScience Capital is a Global Investment Management firm focused on global equity investments empowered by its proprietary Scientific Investing philosophy.



Scientific Investing

Enhance Safety, Enhance Returns

The Scientific Investing Framework cleans up the investment universe by targeting and eliminating stocks which are risky by our definition, i.e. likely to lose investor’s capital. Primarily, these are stocks which are fundamentally risky, i.e. economically weak businesses and financially weak structures. This group of risky or unsafe stocks also includes fundamentally strong businesses which are significantly overvalued by Mr. Market, thus pricing them to perfection. Any unexpected hurdles or fumbles in the glorious growth path that Mr. Market is visualizing and willing to pay for is a big risk to investors.

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Team OmniScience

The team is led by Dr. Vikas V Gupta who provides the philosophical foundation for the Scientific Investing Framework.  He heads the invest strategy function and works with the portfolio management team to oversee the current portfolios.  He also supervises the research function and works with the research team to develop new investment strategies.

Ashwini Shami leads the portfolio management and manages the client portfolios.

Varun Sood leads the research on developing and maintaining the Scientific Alpha research platform which generates the existing and new investment strategies.

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Investment Solutions Team

The Investment solutions team oversees the development of investment solutions in conjunction with the research team based on the requirements of different client segments.  They interact closely with the investor and advisor communities and primarily with the sales and product functions at several wealth managers or asset management firms to understand evolving client needs.

Hakim Taj: VP Investment Solutions

Satyajit Jog: Zonal Head (West)-Private Banking Partners

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Business Advisory Council

The Business Advisory Council serves to guide the business direction of the firm.  These eminent personalities from the Asian capital market ecosystem have decades of experience in the capital markets and understand the intricacies and evolution of the capital markets.  They bring this experience to providing guidance to accomplishing the mission of OmniScience Capital.

Asit C Mehta

Mr. Asit C. Mehta, the Group Chairman of Asit C Mehta Group, is a Chartered Accountant and a Seasoned Capital Market Professional.

Deena Mehta

Smt. Deena Mehta is Chartered Accountant, Masters in Management Studies (Finance) and Fellow Member of Securities and Investment Institute London. She is the promoter of Asit C Mehta group of companies.

Suresh Arya

Suresh is the founder of Klick Capital LLC, USA which provides consulting services for cross-border mergers and acquisitions to middle-market companies from India and US. He is also founding charter member of New Jersey TiE chapter helping startups and entrepreneurs .

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OmniScience Capital works with several other industry participants, including global and Indian to provide a full solution to its clients.  In this regard, it is bringing the concept of an investment platform to India.  It has created an investment platform for the clients for holding their direct equity portfolio in a professional, world-class manner.  Learn more

Global Investment Platform

OmniScience has partnered with Interactive Brokers LLC, USA, to provide Indian clients with access to US stock markets as well as other global, listed equities markets, such as, Europe and UK. All of the client's investment assets are held in one single platform in the custody of Interactive Brokers and investment advisory services of OmniScience Capital (OmniScience Investment Advisers). Learn more

Indian Investment Platform

The investment platform allows one to store their cash, debt, and equity securities in one place.  The OmniScience investment platform currently has the following partners providing various services in a seamless manner:

Custodial & Demat services: Orbis Financial Services

Bank account: IndusInd Bank & RBL Bank

Broking Services: Asit C Mehta Investment Intermediates Limited

Advisory services are provided by OmniScience Capital’s investment advisory division – OmniScience Investment Advisers

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G-Sec and T-Bills platform from NSE

NSE (National Stock Exchange)

NCB Flyer

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