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Before growing capital, the Scientific Investor focuses on growing knowledge. Having an understanding of how equities work will help in investing succcesfully.

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If you have sufficient knowledge about investing, only then proceed to attempt to grow capital. If not, please grow your knowledge first. Please choose to grow capital after growing knowledge.

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OmniScience Capital

OmniScience Capital is a Global Investment Managementfirmled by a top-ranked * All-IITian team that has developed the proprietary, path-breaking investment engine—Scientific Alpha—that powers its investment strategies across listed equities in the developed (US, EU, UK, Japan) as well as emerging markets (India).

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OmniScience Capital is a top-ranked* investment management team that has developed a proprietary Investment Engine–Scientific Alpha–that powers its investment strategies.
*This team’s investment strategy was ranked #1 in long-bias equity strategy across the World among more than 11000 hedge funds. (Source: Preqin Hedge funds ranking 2015).

Scientific Alpha

Our analysis of nearly a 100 years of investment research & practice, led to the conclusion that the value investing philosophy with its focus on minimizing risks (“Safety First”) can deliver true alpha over the long-term.

Global Recognition

Globally and Nationally Recognized team and company

Investment Team

An all-IITian, Ivy League team that developed Scientific Alpha


CEO & Chief investment Strategist


EVP & Portfolio Manager


VP Quantitative Research

Investment Solutions

Strategic Portfolios

These are portfolios suitable for strategic asset allocation for long-term investors looking for capital appreciation.

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