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“Most market participants chase alpha but get risks, while one could chase safety and get alpha"



OmniScience Capital

The Science of Alpha from Safety

OmniScience Capital is a Global Investment Management firm specializing in global equity investments empowered by its proprietary Scientific Investing Philosophy.  OmniScience Capital was founded with a view to bring a scientific approach to investment management. The core insight on which OmniScience Capital is based, i.e. the OmniInsight, is that a systematic approach to enhancing safety, i.e. eliminating and mitigating the chances of permanent loss of capital, naturally leads to enhancing returns and generating alpha.


Global by Design

OmniScience’s vision is to provide global investors with global opportunities via SuperNormal Portfolios for US, Europe, India and Transformative Technologies.

OmniScience pioneered global investing (US and Technology investing) for Indian investors via SuperNormal Portfolios. OmniScience helps non-Indian investors to invest in the US and Indian markets. Given that technology, especially, digital transformation technologies, such as, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, 5G, Cloud, Big Data etc. are transforming businesses and the global economy, transformative technology investing in listed global companies is another focus area at OmniScience.

OmniScience also helps global investors to invest in the Indian equity markets through SuperNormal Portfolios.


Scientific Investing

Enhance Safety, Enhance Growth, Enhance Returns

Scientific Investing creates a SuperNormal Portfolio designed to survive and thrive through uncertainties, delivering optimal “Return on Safety".

It is based on a deep immersive research and analysis of 100+ years of investment management history combined with experience of investing over multiple cycles across different markets. OmniInsight emerged from the above research and is at the crux of the Scientific Investing Philosophy and the resulting framework. It builds upon ideas and insights from before Benjamin Graham to John Burr Williams to Warren Buffett, Peter Lynch and several others.

In brief, the Scientific Investing Framework selects SuperNormal Companies at SuperNormal Prices creating a SuperNormal Portfolio.

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Investment Focus

The investment focus of OmniScience Capital is on the US equity markets, the Indian equity markets and Transformative Technology.

The following are the 4 core strategies offered by OmniScience Capital:

US Markets

Omni Supreme US (US Multi-cap)

Omni AIoT (US Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things)

Indian Markets

Omni Supreme India (India Multi-cap)

Omni DX India (India Digital Transformation)

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OmniScience-ACM Group JV


OmniScience Capital is a joint initiative of Team OmniScience and the financial services conglomerate Asit C Mehta Group (35+ years, AUM: 3000 crores) to bring Scientific Investing to Indian and Global investors.

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Team OmniScience

The team is led by Dr. Vikas V Gupta who provides the philosophical foundation for the Scientific Investing Framework.  He heads the invest strategy function and works with the portfolio management team to oversee the current portfolios.  He also supervises the research function and works with the research team to develop new investment strategies.

Ashwini Shami leads the portfolio management and manages the client portfolios.

Varun Sood leads the research on developing and maintaining the Scientific Investing research platform which generates the existing and new investment strategies.

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Investor Charter

Investor Charter

Omniscience Investment Adviser

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OmniScience Capital Advisors Pvt. Ltd. is registered as a non-individual Investment Adviser with SEBI with a valid registration No. INA000007623.


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